Integrated Research Training Center: Death Decisions IRTG

The mission of the Death Decisions IRTG is to offer the doctoral researchers of the TRR 353 a solid and inspiring network of key opinion leaders in the research area of cell death modalities that will train, support, and mentor them in driving ground-breaking advances in this challenging field of research while leveraging their careers as young scientists.

To help accomplishing these goals, the IRTG will provide to its doctoral researchers a well-structured supervising and mentoring framework and a high-quality TRR 353-specific qualification program. Such a comprehensive qualification program tailored to cell death modalities is crucial to transfer TRR 353-specific knowledge to early career researchers and thus foster a new generation of interconnected specialists. We foresee that their synergistic and integrated approaches in dissecting cell death processes will be beneficial to open up new avenues for understanding the regulation of cell death and to eventually pave the way for novel treatments of human diseases.